I am a collector of Antique Engines, Tractors and Tools. For the past 40 plus years I have been working with iron and wood, making grills, railings and decorative iron work. I am a retired lead engineer at a 1014 room convention hotel. Now I am spending more time in my shop and collecting.
Antique Engine Cart Wheels.
All wheels are hand made using 2" x 1/4" steel for the outer rim, 1/2" square stock set at 45 deg. turn or 1/2" round stock is used for the spokes. Hubs are thick walled steel round mechanical tubing bored to 1-5/64" for a good fit to use 3/4" pipe for the axles. Other bores can be done to match your axles size by request.

Other sizes wheels and hubs can be made on special order. Please contact  us  for additional information.

This is a wheelbarrow type engine cart. It is a great option for the smaller engine. It can be supplied with 8", 10", or 12" wheels. The cart in the above picture has standard 4x4s from a local lumber yard. 
This is the standard engine cart that I make. It has a front axle assemble that has a 3" x 12" mounting  that you bolt to your wood runners. The axle assemble it self has a upper plate that bolts to the mounting plate and the axle it self is 3/4" pipe that is 30" long that may be cut to length. The pull handle is 3/8" pipe and can be removed with 1 clip pin. The rear axle is also 3/4" pipe with  mounts. All flat steel that is used in building the carts is 1/4" thick.The carts are designed to use 8" wheels in the front and 10" wheels in the rear or 10" wheels is the front and 12" wheels in the rear.
Wheelbarrow type engine carts

Engine cart with 8" wheels           $130.00

Engine cart whit 10" wheels         $140.00

Engine cart with 12" wheels         $150.00
wood rails not included

shipping east of Mississippi           $50.00

Engine  cart with 8" and 10" wheels              $180.00

Engine cart with 10" and 12" wheels             $190.00
wood rails not included

shipping east of the Mississippi                       $60.00    
 Note that all carts are made to order. Please allow two weeks for shipment.
All dimensions may very slightly due to the fact that all parts are hand made.
For purchase information or questions Please call  8:00 to 5:00 eastern time Monday to Saturday or email.
There is contact information on the (LINKS PAGE) .         I do accept  PAYPAL or personal checks.